Watch free demo

Demo I: Introduction

Labii is the first platform to integrate an ELN and LIMS into a single platform. This introduction covers how Labii is designed, how the permission controls work, and how we store and organize the records. We recommend watching this demo video before watching other live demos. (11:00 min)


Demo II: Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

Watch this video to learn how to create experiments, upload files, and add sections to an experiment. (3:11 min)


Demo III: Inventory Manager

This video demonstrates how to import and export samples, print labels and barcodes, manage vials, and schedule equipment. (4:30 min)


Demo customrization

If you are still not sure how labii can be used to manage your research data, send us some dummy data and we will set up a demo account for your own data to show you how it works.


Speak with a Labii representative

Should you have further questions that are not addressed in the video, please do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with us. Our representative would be happy to demonstrate it and answer all your questions.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the purchase process like?
  1. Customer registers an account to receive a free two-week trial
  2. Customer watches the Labii demo video to evaluate the product
  3. Customers can contact Labii sales for additional information/questions
  4. Customer and Labii negociate the pricing and teams
  5. Customer to review the sales contract and subscripe to Labii services.
Q: How much do you charge?
Learn more about the pricing at

Q: Do you provide discount for startups?
Labii offers one-year free usage (value of $9,600) and one-year free support (value of $600) to self-funded or bootstrapped startups. Learn more about the pricing at

Q: How much storage space do I have?
For the Professional and Enterprise plans, you will get first 100G free.
For the PPU plan, you will need to pay $10/month for every 100G.

Q: What is the file size limit in uploading?
The largest object that can be uploaded in a single PUT is 5 gigabytes.

Q: Which types of files do Labii support?
Labii does not have any limitation on what type of files you can upload. You can upload whatever types of files you have. Check here to learn about list of files that can be previewed.

Q: Where does the data stored?
Q: Can I install to my own computer/cloud?
Yes. Please reach out to Labii sales team at for the pricing.

Q: How secury is your platform?
Data security is our top priority. Labii follows a strict, transparent policy to ensure the safety and security of your valuable data. Learn more details at

Q: What compliant do you follow?
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11