General Features

Labii provides several default features to help you document, manage, and interpret your data.

Import Import
Load existing data into Labii. Learn More
Export Export
Export data you created into *.tsv files. Learn More
Search Search
Find the data you need. Learn More
Metadata Metadata/Tag
Contribute additional information about the record. Learn More
Barcode Barcode
Display and print barcode for your records. Learn More
Comments Comments
Add comments to a record. Learn More

All of your data is secure


Data security is our top priority. Labii follows a strict, transparent policy to ensure the safety and security of your valuable data.

Website Security

warningAccount Lockout Policy
errorFailed Login Report
httpsEncrypted Traffic with HTTPS
blockProtection From Clickjacking
timelapseExcessive Session Timeout
cloudDaily Backup
vpn_keySingle Sign On
leak_removeInvalidated Session After Logout
blockHighly Restricted Access to Labii Backend
bug_reportContent Security Policy (CSP)
remove_circle_outlineX-XSS-Protection Header
assignment_turned_inPeriodic Vulnerability Testing

Data Security

gestureElectronic Signatures
verified_userData Encryption
vpn_keyAuthentication Controls
assignmentSystem Logfiles
cloudReal-time Backup
cloud_donePeriodic Data Back up
bug_reportBlock Search Engine Crawling

Comply with regulatory requirements

Data generated at Labii meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR part 11. Changes are versioned with blockchain technology to ensure the integrity of your data.

Audit trail Audit trail
Labii keeps a copy of the changelog and captures all user activities with time stamps.
Versions Version history
New versions of your data are created when changes are made. A hash key is generated for each version to ensure it cannot be changed.

                Signatures Signatures
Labii supports electronic signatures. The record, date, time, and user information is encrypted in the signature and can be verified at any time.
Unique id Unique ID
A unique ID is assigned to each record to prevent data manipulation or deletion.
delete not_interested No deletion
Labii prohibits deletion to prevent intentional or unintentional erasure your data.
FDA 21 CFR part 11 FDA 21 CFR part 11
All data generated within Labii meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR part 11, and Labii captures all changelogs and user activities for you.
Labii ELN & LIMS is hosted on HIPAA-compliant microservices at AWS. We are voluntarily follow all HIPAA requirements and are pursuing formal HIPAA Security compliance in 2020.

Any complications whether a glitch in the system or a user misunderstanding, I've had a great level of responsiveness and professionalism to my concerns from the Labii team.

Thomas Crouzier

Nyelia Williams

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Office Support

Labii provides a variety of office software, so our customers can use the software they know best.

Developed by Labii

Rich Text

Smart WYSIWYG HTML editor


Display one or more files


Excel-like spreadsheet


A drawing tool

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word document

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel workbook

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

Google G Suite

Google Docs

Google Online Documents

Google Sheets

Google Online Spreadsheets

Google Slides

Google Online Presentation


Obtaining accurate records of biology experiments is tedious and difficult. Labii is continually developing widgets to support these experiments, expediting your work.


Microplate related widgets

ELISA Data Analysis

Perform standard curve analysis to ELISA data

Dose Response Curve

Perform dose-response relationship analysis

Molecular Biology Suite

Labii provides a Molecular Biology Suite with a series of widgets that enable you to design, build, and document DNA and amino acid sequences inside your ELN.

Learn More

Molecular Biology Suite


Drug discovery and development is driven by the relationships between molecular chemistry and life processes. In addition to our biology widgets, Labii ELN & LIMS is developing chemistry widgets to accelerate research and development.

Learn More

Marvin JS

Standardize your procedures with Workflow

Labii provides full-scale workflow management that allows you to manipulate workflow diagrams in real-time. This improves lab efficiency by standardizing your lab procedures and allowing you to monitor the flow of samples and associated data.

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Labii provides multiple flowchart widgets to visualize your data and processes.

Create flowchart with mermaid. Learn More
Stage Flowchart
Show progress stage in flowchart. Learn More
Relation Flowchart
Show record relationships in flowchart. Learn More


Reporting features provide valuable information on the progress of your research, allowing you to accurately allocate resources and plan future work.

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