Design DNA and protein sequence within your ELN

Labii provides Molecular Biology Suite with a serious of widgets that enable you to design, build, and document DNA and amino acid sequences directly inside your ELN.

Molecular Biology Suite

Sequence Map to edit DNA sequence, translation, and features

  • Support all existing sequence type
  • Automatic sequence annotation
  • Manage all features
  • Manage primvers
  • Manage protein translations
  • Manage cut sites
  • Manage ORFs

Sequence Map

Circular and Linear Map to overview the distribution of features

Circular and Linear Map

Virtual restriction digest with DNA ladders

Virtual Digest

  • Choose your enzymes
  • Use user-defined DNA ladders

Automatic preview of Genebank files (*.gb, *.gbk, *.ape, etc.)

Genebank upload can be previewed directly with circular map and linear map.