Section Widgets

Section widget for viewing and editing research data

Labii records can be divided into sections, and the data from each section is managed by a section widget. A section widget lets you view and edit a particular file type. Labii currently offers section widgets in the categories of Office, Productivity, Regulation, Biology, Chemistry, Reference Manager, and References.


A list of widgets is being developed by Labii for the purpose of facilitating experiments in biotech. Labii currently covers the molecular biology suite, microplates and ELISA analysis, but will soon cover more.


A list of widgets is being developed by Labii to make sure the data generated in your research lab will meet the regulatory requirements from FDA, specifically the 21 CFR part 11.


Productivity widgets are designed to help users increase their efficiency and streamline their workflows. It include tools for time management, note-taking, project management, task tracking, tools for experiment planning, data analysis, and lab management.

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