The Signers widget enables Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) users to manage a list of signers with various roles (Authors, Co-Authors, Witnesses), to sign and to witness an document.

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By signing a document in Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), you certify that the record you generated or witnessed is accurate to the best of your knowledge. A signed document ensures that the data generated meets regulatory requirements, such as FDA 21 CFR part 11 and others can repeat the results based on the signed document. A digital lab notebook with signatures represents a legally valid, permanently written record of a lab’s research, which can be used in a court of law in patent investigations.

Signing and witnessing

Labii provides strict rules for maintaining the act of signing, witnessing, and rejecting. In Labii, the signing and witnessing processes are identical. If you are the author, you mainly sign the document. As a witness, you are witnessing a signed document.

The signers must sign the record in order. The first signer must sign first. After signing, the record will be locked from editing and the second signer will be notified to sign. The second signer can either continue to sign or reject the signature.

Signign order

Signers can be assigned a variety of roles.

Signers in Labii are not limited to Authors and Witnesses. Labii supports the following roles: Author, Co-author, Witness, Inspector, Manager, Signer, Submitter, and Recipient. Please contact if you would like to have additional roles added.

Signer roles

Maintain a minimum number of signers to meet your company's regulations

Labii has a sophisticated signers function that allows you to maintain a minimum number of signers to meet your company's regulations. For some companies, signing a record in the electronic notebook required at least two signers, one as author and the other as witness. A minimum number of signers for a table can be set according to your company's policy. Unless the number of added signers reaches a minimum number of signers, the first signer will not be able to sign the document.

Minimum number of signers

Add the same list of signers with ease

Most researchers have the same list of signers for their experiments on a daily basis. Signers widget in Labii's electronic lab notebook (ELN) can help you reduce this repetitive work. A default list of signers can be saved. The default list of signers will be added to the newly created record once saved. Each table can have a customized list of default signers.

Save default signers

Be notified of all signing activity

The notification functions of Labii ELN have greatly boosted signing rates. You will be notified whether your experiment is signed or rejected. In addition, you can notify the other signers when their turn comes to sign.

Save default signers

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