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Labii is the next-generation research platform that seamlessly integrates ELN and LIMS, with high customization and widget extendibility for a variety of disciplines.

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Revolutionize Your R&D Management with Labii's Unified Solution

Labii revolutionizes R&D management by integrating previously separate products, such as ELNs, Inventory Management, and LIMS, into a single unified solution. This results in enhanced productivity and improved data sharing across the entire R&D process. With Labii, there is no need to purchase multiple systems, as our solution offers all the necessary features in one place. The streamlined interface also leads to a shorter learning curve for end users, reducing complications and lowering costs.

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Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)
Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

Labii ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) is the leading product of its kind with an affordable price.

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Laboratory Information Management System

LIMS are software-based solutions that automate workflows, integrate instruments, standardize tests and procedures, and provide accurate controls on each step.

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Inventory Management
Aliquots management

In a research lab, inventory management refers to the process of tracking and managing research samples. A lab manager or scientist can use it to handle orders and consumption of lab supplies.

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Efficient and Accurate Research Note-taking with AI

Labii's AI integration enables researchers to streamline their research note-taking with automatic note generation, protocol workflow automation, and step-by-step protocol display. With just one sentence, researchers can generate experiment notes, saving time and effort. Labii's powerful tools simplify the research process and help researchers achieve their goals with ease.

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Simple and intuitive design for more efficient research


Labii is aiming to redefine scientific user experience with its simple, modern interface and we take pride in our product's short learning curve.

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Customizable to meet your exact research needs


Because of the sheer diversity of interests, workflows, and preferences within the research community, scientists of various fields of study and research labs find it impossible to prescribe a single product for use in the company, campus, college, department or research group levels. Labii is built to address such problems with high customization and flexibility.

1) Labii provides companies with endless opportunities. Different companies or research labs can determine how to store data, what attributes to store, and how to collect data. As a result, scientists are able to conduct their research in the way they prefer.

2) Different tables are set up in a similar way, so it's easy to transfer knowledge from one to the other.

3) Labii allows companies to improve their workflow and configurations as they use it, and add more types of data as they grow.

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You can trust us with your data

Add another layer of security

We place a high priority on data security. Labii follows strict policies to ensure the security and safety of your data. We comply with ISO27000 to ensure the security and integrity of our database and the accessibility of our website.

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Comply with FDA regulations

The data generated in your research lab with Labii will meet the regulatory requirements from FDA, specifically the 21 CFR part 11. Each time a change is made, we create a new version. Also captured are the audit trials with the user information, the timestamp, and the before and after values. Our service will help you to avoid scientific fraud and to increase your data's value.

Add another layer of security

Enhance ELN and LIMS functionality with widgets


Labii ELN & LIMS is built for a variety of disciplines, offering the toolset needed by biologists, chemists, and many other professionals. A widget is a small function Labii developed that works with columns and sections to display and collect data. By using different widgets, we can satisfy the spectra of every experiment. We have developed hundreds of widgets to facilitate scientific research, and more are on the way.

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Barcode system to ensure sample reliability

A barcode system consists of mobile computers, printers, handheld scanners, and supporting software to automate data collection when hand recording is not feasible or timely.

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Barcode system

Quick response times, Fast resolutions

Labii ELN & LIMS is a sophisticated and comprehensive system for professionals. We have developed a set of toolsets to streamline the process of getting assistance. We will be happy to assist whenever you need and provide you a high level of customer support services: quick response times, fast resolutions, and friendly customer service.

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I often feel like academic research is stuck in the 1990s, when emails and word processors were the only tools we had to communicate. This is 2016, where are the Facebooks, the Kickstarters, the Google Docs for researchers?

The idea to combine tools targeted at a different stage of the research cycle within a centralized platform seems like a great idea. The road to such a unified system is still long, but Labii is courageously taking on many of these aspects at once. If successful this could result in one of the first unified digital all-inclusive platforms for researchers.

Thomas Crouzier

Thomas Crouzier

KTH Royal Institute of Technology