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Select a data center to continue

Throughout the world, Labii has several shared data centers so that you can store your data in a location that complies with local laws and regulations. Please select a data center to proceed.

- If you just want to test out Labii ELN and LIMS, use the Test Data Center. All data in the test center will be deleted and erased. The Test Data Center is used for testing purposes. It has the most recent deployments, but it may not be as stable as other data centers.

- In the event that the shared data center is not available in your region/country, please contact us. We will create a new data center when there are sufficient users in the region. Alternatively, we can build a private dedicated data center at a location of your choice for your organization.

- Be sure to remember which data center you registered, as your login credentials can only be used to log in to the data center you registered.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server

What is dedicated server?

A dedicated server is the separate data center Labii builds for your organization to provide ELN & LIMS services. This is the hardware infrastructure that is hosted by AWS. Labii's dedicated server includes virtual private clouds (VPCs), databases, EC2, gateways, domains, and IP addresses.

Dedicated server arshitecture

Store your data where you want it

Dedicated servers enable you to store your data in a location that complies with local laws and regulations. Data is collected and stored within your country. Your data will always remain in the region you specify and will not be moved to other locations without your permission. Here is a list of regions to choose from.

Dedicated server location

All resources dedicated to your company

A Dedicated Server from Labii will give you access to all the computer hardware resources that are specific to your company. This server is not accessible by other Labii customers. You are the sole user of all of the server's hardware and are not sharing it with any other company.

All resources dedicated to your company

Add another layer of security

Dedicated server arshitecture with vpn

Labii offers top-tire security. As a dedicated server client, you will receive the following additional security measures:

1. Get a full backup of the database
2. Make SSO mandatory during sign-in
3. Use a VPN to restrict access

More control and customization

You can customize the dedicated server to highlight your branding. Specifically:

1. The login page can be customized with your company's logo and information.
2. You can enforce login with SSO.
3. Customize the session timeout duration.
4. You will receive a domain that is specific to your company.
5. It is possible to scale up/down the server based on the number of users.
6. Integrate your own release schedule. Labii releases new versions every week. The user can stick with one version and upgrade to the next version whenever they wish.

More control and customization

Customer story

MBC Biolabs

MBC BioLabs is an incubator/accelerator based in the San Francisco Bay area that allows life science startups to run experiments on day one. Labii has partnered with MBC Biolabs to provide startups with a means of documenting, managing, and interpreting their research data. A dedicated server has been built to provide dedicated resources to MBC BioLabs' resident startups. Learn more at

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: How much does it cost?
$9,600/year. Prices could vary depending on the region.

Q: Could I use the shared data center and then upgrade later to a dedicated server?
Yes, you can start with a shared data center and then move to a dedicated server as your business grows. Our team can help you move your existing data to the dedicated server. There is a chance that all records might have a different primary key and unique identifier after migration. Other data and configuration will remain the same.

Q: What is the process for setting up a dedicated server?
As soon as you purchase the service, we will 1) meet with you to get the basic information such as your desired region, the number of users, the preferred domain, etc. 2) Labii will then initiate the services, and 3) install the necessary packages and source code; 4) a complete test will be run; 5) after the test is complete, we will open an account for your organization; 6) We will then migrate the data, if needed.

Q: How long does it take to set it up?
It will take around one week for the server to be installed and tested.

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