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Equipment management is a comprehensive process that involves the planning, acquisition, utilization, maintenance, and disposal of various assets and machinery within an organization. Its primary goal is to ensure the efficient and cost-effective use of equipment throughout its lifecycle. Labii equipment management empowers you to select the appropriate equipment for specific needs, monitor its performance, schedule regular maintenance to prevent breakdowns, track usage and expenses, and ultimately make informed decisions about repairs, replacements, or retirements. Through Labii equipment management, you can maximize productivity, reduce downtime, control operational costs, and uphold safety and compliance standards in various industries.


Personalize Equipment Data Fields with Labii's Customization Feature

Personalize Equipment Data Fields with Labii's Customization Feature

Labii offers a robust customization feature that empowers users to tailor the fields of equipment records to their specific needs. This flexibility enables users to adapt equipment records to their unique requirements, allowing for the inclusion of essential information, such as equipment specifications, usage guidelines, calibration data, and maintenance history, among others.

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Intuitive Scheduling with Calendar View

Labii Equipment Management offers a streamlined and user-friendly scheduling experience, allowing users to effortlessly schedule equipment through an intuitive calendar interface. The drag-and-drop functionality within the calendar view simplifies the scheduling process, enabling users to efficiently allocate equipment for specific time slots. The visibility of scheduled events is enhanced with a dual-view feature, presenting information in both the calendar and list views. This dual perspective makes it easy for users to monitor equipment availability, clearly distinguishing between occupied and free time slots.

Seamless ELN and Equipment Scheduling Integration

Revolutionizing the experiment workflow, our system seamlessly integrates Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) with equipment management, offering a groundbreaking solution for efficient experimentation. Users can effortlessly schedule equipment directly within an experiment by simply scanning the equipment, eliminating unnecessary steps and minimizing disruptions. Additionally, the scheduling feature provides experimenters with a comprehensive list of available equipment, empowering them to plan and execute experiments with precision. This innovative integration marks a significant advancement in laboratory efficiency, merging ELN and equipment management to redefine the way experiments are conducted.

Precision Maintenance Tracking with Detailed Maintenance Records

Labii Equipment Management redefines maintenance tracking with the capability to create multiple maintenance records for each equipment, providing a comprehensive overview of its lifecycle. Each maintenance record encompasses crucial details such as the maintenance schedule, specific maintenance activities undertaken, and detailed testing and calibration results. This robust system not only ensures meticulous documentation but also facilitates proactive management. Lab managers can effortlessly schedule filters to receive timely notifications about upcoming maintenance, empowering them to stay ahead of equipment maintenance requirements.

Labii's Barcode System for Easy Equipment Management

Labii Barcode System offers a seamless solution for easy and efficient equipment tracking by allowing equipment to be labeled with barcodes. This innovative feature simplifies the tracking process, enabling quick and accurate identification of equipment throughout its lifecycle. With Labii Barcode System, each piece of equipment can be assigned a unique barcode, streamlining inventory management and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Labii's Storage Management for Precise Equipment Tracking

Labii Storage Management proves to be an indispensable asset for laboratories, offering a robust solution for tracking the precise storage location of each piece of equipment. With Labii Storage Management, every equipment item is assigned a specific storage location, creating a systematic and organized approach to inventory management. This not only enhances efficiency but also promotes a seamless and productive laboratory environment, empowering users to access and utilize equipment with ease.

Labii offers a full-stack of lab digitalization services, spanning from individual data capture tools like ELN and LIMS, to process optimization, to comprehensive full lab digitization.

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