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Labii's storage management system is the backbone of efficient storage organization, overseeing and coordinating diverse storage units ranging from boxes and shelves to freezers, labs, and entire buildings. This system forms an integral part of Labii's suite by not only managing these storage spaces but also enabling seamless tracking of the precise location of various products within them. By centralizing storage oversight and facilitating detailed product tracking, Labii's storage management system ensures streamlined operations and optimized accessibility within research, scientific, or organizational settings.

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Effortless Storage Management from Boxes to Buildings

Labii's storage management system offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet diverse storage needs, accommodating everything from small boxes and freezers to entire rooms and buildings. Users benefit from the flexibility to customize storage types based on their unique specifications, ensuring precise organization and accessibility for a wide range of items. This adaptable system empowers users to seamlessly oversee and track various storage units, regardless of size or purpose, within research facilities, laboratories, or any setting requiring meticulous storage management.

Effortless Storage Management from Boxes to Buildings

From Samples to Equipment: Labii's Unified Lab Management

Labii's storage management system is designed to effortlessly oversee and organize an extensive array of physical items within the lab environment, spanning from samples and biospecimens to blood, cell lines, antibodies, plasmids, equipment, and beyond. This comprehensive solution empowers users to efficiently categorize, track, and manage diverse laboratory assets, ensuring precise location tracking, accessibility, and control over a wide spectrum of items critical for research, experimentation, or scientific endeavors.

From Samples to Equipment: Labii's Unified Lab Management

See Your Lab's Storage at a Glance with Storage Map View

Labii's storage management system offers a dynamic and intuitive feature that allows users to visualize the storage layout within a lab environment through interactive maps. This innovative functionality provides a comprehensive overview of what is stored in each designated space, offering a visual representation of both occupied and vacant areas. This visual map feature enhances accessibility, streamlines organization, and optimizes space utilization within the lab, fostering a more efficient and effective storage management process.

Barcodes to Simplify Lab Storage Tracking

Labii's storage management system employs a sophisticated barcode system to streamline organization and accessibility within the lab environment. This system allows users to effortlessly generate unique barcode labels for each storage unit, facilitating quick and accurate identification. By simply scanning these barcodes, users can instantly access detailed information about the corresponding storage, including its contents, location, and any associated data.

Visualize Storage Hierarchies with Flowchart

Visualize Storage Hierarchies with Flowchart

Labii's storage management system incorporates a user-friendly visual representation of the hierarchical relationship between parent and child storage units through an intuitive relation flowchart widget. This feature allows users to effortlessly navigate and understand the intricate storage structure within the lab environment. By displaying the connections and dependencies between different storage units, this visual flowchart empowers users to identify the exact location of a storage unit and its relation to others with ease.

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Real-Time Space Usage Insights in Labii

Real-Time Space Usage Insights in Labii

Labii's storage management system offers real-time insights into space utilization, providing users with up-to-date information regarding the allocation of storage areas. Through this feature, users can access detailed and current data on the amount of space already utilized within different storage units as well as the available, unoccupied space. This real-time space usage information enables users to make informed decisions about storage allocation, optimizing the utilization of available space and ensuring efficient management of resources within the lab environment.

Effortlessly Build Custom Data Capture Tools Similar to Storage Management

Labii is a groundbreaking platform for crafting customized data capture tools, much like Storage Management. Explore this page for a configuration example. Begin your journey with Labii today to design your unique data capture solutions.

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Labii offers a full-stack of lab digitalization services, spanning from individual data capture tools like ELN and LIMS, to process optimization, to comprehensive full lab digitization.

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