Select a data center to continue

Labii has established several shared data centers globally, allowing you to store your data in compliance with local laws and regulations. Please choose a data center to continue. If you are joining an existing Labii account, refrain from using this signup function; instead, directly contact your administrator to create your login credentials.

- If you just want to test out Labii ELN and LIMS, use the Test Data Center. All data in the test center will be deleted and erased. The Test Data Center is used for testing purposes. It has the most recent deployments, but it may not be as stable as other data centers.

- In the event that the shared data center is not available in your region/country, please contact us. We will create a new data center when there are sufficient users in the region. Alternatively, we can build a private dedicated data center at a location of your choice for your organization.

- Be sure to remember which data center you registered, as your login credentials can only be used to log in to the data center you registered.