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A reference management is a tool used by researchers to organize and manage their references for research papers, theses, and other scholarly works. It enables users to import references from different sources such as databases, libraries, and search engines, and create bibliographies in various citation styles.


Labii provides a preconfigured powerful reference management. By using many widgets like API and PubMed, you can easily configure Labii as a reference management. It automatically extracts relevant information from articles and populates fields such as author names, publication dates, and journal titles. Labii reference management saves researchers time and ensures that references are entered accurately.

Enhance Your Reference Management with Labii's Customizable Columns

Labii's reference management feature introduces customizable columns, offering researchers a comprehensive solution for organizing references effectively. With this feature, users can store all pertinent article fields, such as author names, publication dates, journal titles, abstracts, and keywords, within a flexible column structure. The ability to add, remove, and rearrange columns according to individual research requirements enhances the adaptability and specificity of reference organization, catering to the diverse needs of interdisciplinary research. This customizable approach ensures that researchers can efficiently manage their references in a manner that aligns precisely with their research objectives and workflow preferences.

Effortlessly Populate Your Reference Library with Labii's PubMed API Widget

Labii's reference management system integrates an intuitive API widget designed to seamlessly retrieve paper information from PubMed. With this widget, researchers can effortlessly access and import relevant data, including author names, publication dates, journal titles, abstracts, and keywords, directly into their reference library. The API widget streamlines the process of gathering paper information from PubMed, eliminating the need for manual entry and significantly reducing the time and effort required to populate reference databases. Its user-friendly interface and robust functionality empower researchers to efficiently curate and manage their reference collections with accurate and up-to-date information sourced from PubMed's vast repository of scholarly literature.

Automatic Abstract Retrieval with Labii

Labii's reference management system incorporates an advanced abstract widget tailored to streamline the retrieval of paper abstracts directly from PubMed. This innovative feature automates the process of gathering abstracts, enabling researchers to effortlessly access concise summaries of scholarly articles within their reference library. By leveraging the abstract widget, users can eliminate the need for manual extraction and ensure that their reference database remains enriched with accurate and up-to-date abstract information sourced from PubMed's extensive repository of scientific literature. With its seamless integration and intuitive functionality, Labii empowers researchers to efficiently curate and manage their references, facilitating informed decision-making and accelerating the pace of scientific discovery.

Labii's Files Widget for Full-Text and Appendices

Labii's reference management system introduces the Files widget, a versatile tool designed to seamlessly display full-text documents and any accompanying appendices within the reference library. With this feature, researchers can conveniently access and review the entirety of scholarly articles, including supplementary materials, directly within the Labii platform. The Files widget enhances the research workflow by centralizing access to all relevant documents, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications or platforms.

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Labii's Files Widget for Full-Text and Appendices

Keep Your Thoughts Organized: Labii's Notes Functionality for Efficient Research

Labii's reference management feature incorporates a convenient notes function, enabling users to seamlessly take and organize notes directly within their reference library. Designed with researchers in mind, this feature proves invaluable for capturing and retaining insights while engaging with scholarly articles. With Labii's notes function, users can effortlessly document key findings, pose questions, or record reminders as they navigate through their references. These notes are then securely stored alongside the corresponding articles, ensuring quick and easy access whenever needed.

Effortlessly Build Custom Data Capture Tools Similar to Reference Management

Labii is a groundbreaking platform for crafting customized data capture tools, much like Reference Management. Explore this page for a configuration example. Begin your journey with Labii today to design your unique data capture solutions.

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