Sample Management


Labii sample management involves a comprehensive system for tracking the entire lifecycle of samples within a laboratory. From the moment samples are received, their entry into the system is meticulously documented, detailing origin, quantity, and characteristics. The management system ensures efficient storage, assigning locations within the facility and recording any transfers or movements. Additionally, it meticulously tracks the creation of sample aliquots, maintaining accurate records of subdivisions and their usage. Throughout, the system continuously monitors sample consumption, updating records to reflect any utilization or depletion. This comprehensive approach guarantees precise sample tracking and facilitates seamless retrieval, storage, and utilization within laboratory operations.

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Efficient Sample Receiving Workflow

Sample receiving in Labii Sample Management utilizes a streamlined workflow designed to seamlessly track the entire process. Beginning with sample inspection, where each sample's integrity and quality are assessed, the system then prompts the creation of dedicated storage for the samples based on their specifications. Upon assigning storage, samples are registered into the system, capturing essential information for easy retrieval and monitoring. Finally, the system generates and prints labels that correspond accurately to each sample, ensuring clear identification throughout their journey within the laboratory, optimizing organization and efficiency in sample management.

Streamlined Aliquots Management for Lab Operations

Aliquots management within Labii Sample Management presents a user-friendly interface that simplifies the handling of aliquot lists. The platform enables the creation of aliquots through diverse methods, including forms or import functionalities, facilitating a seamless process. Users can effortlessly check out aliquots, ensuring a smooth and accessible retrieval system. Moreover, Labii Sample Management allows for meticulous tracking of aliquot usage, providing comprehensive insights into the utilization patterns of all aliquots, bolstering efficiency and accuracy in sample handling and distribution.

Effective Monitoring of Sample Utilization

Sample consumption tracking within Labii Sample Management offers a comprehensive system for monitoring the usage history of samples. This functionality allows for precise tracking of which experiments have utilized specific samples and provides detailed insights into the aliquots of each sample that have been used.

Stay Informed with Labii's Automated Sample Volume Tracking

Labii Sample Management offers an advanced feature that automates volume calculations, simplifying the tracking of remaining sample volumes. Users can conveniently establish either absolute values or percentage thresholds to trigger notifications for low-level samples. This intelligent system continuously monitors sample volumes and alerts users when the set cutoff is approached or reached, ensuring timely notifications for proactive management.

Stay Informed with Labii's Automated Sample Volume Tracking

Mapping Sample Lineage in Labii for Easy Tracking

In Labii, establishing the relationship between samples when one is used to create another allows for seamless tracking. Through a visually intuitive interface, the platform enables users to link parent and derivative samples, forming a clear and easily navigable relationship tree. Whether it's a biological specimen giving rise to derived cell cultures or a raw material leading to a refined product, Labii's visual representation streamlines the understanding of sample lineage, simplifying tracking and facilitating efficient management throughout the entire process.

Mapping Sample Lineage in Labii for Easy Tracking

Barcode Labeling for Seamless Sample Handling in Labii

In Labii's sample management system, leveraging barcodes for sample labeling is a seamless process designed for effortless tracking and retrieval. Each sample is assigned a unique barcode, facilitating swift identification and reducing the likelihood of errors. When utilizing these samples, Labii's interface allows for easy barcode scanning, ensuring accurate data entry and immediate documentation of sample usage.

Labii's Storage Management for Sample Retrieval

Labii's storage management system revolutionizes sample organization by providing a comprehensive solution for efficient storage and retrieval. Through a user-friendly interface, users can designate precise storage locations for each sample, creating a structured system that eliminates guesswork when locating samples. The platform's intuitive search and retrieval functionalities simplify the process further, allowing users to swiftly locate and access stored samples with minimal effort.

Effortlessly Build Custom Data Capture Tools Similar to Sample Management

Labii is a groundbreaking platform for crafting customized data capture tools, much like Sample Management. Explore this page for a configuration example. Begin your journey with Labii today to design your unique data capture solutions.

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