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Labii Data Center is a cutting-edge platform offering a spectrum of options catering to diverse research needs, enabling users to securely store and share applications and data. With Labii, flexibility is paramount as it offers a trio of data center choices: the collaborative Shared Data Center fostering collective engagement and resource utilization, the exclusive Dedicated Data Center ensuring personalized and dedicated infrastructure, and the localized Local Data Center for enhanced control and proximity to your operations. Labii empowers users to select the ideal data center model tailored precisely to their research requisites, ensuring optimal performance, security, and accessibility for their data-driven endeavors.

Data centerHostSecurityPricingBest for
Shared data centerAWSstarstarstar_borderStartups, small to medium-sized companies,
and academic laboratories.
Dedicated data centerAWSstarstarstarstarstarCompanies of medium to large size,
or companies that require more security and speed.
Dedicated data center with VPNAWSstarstarstarstarstarstarstarCompanies of medium to large size,
or companies that need to control who is allowed access to the Labii platform and who is not.
Local data centerLocalstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarstarUniversities, medium to large-sized companies,
or companies that need to have their data stored locally.
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Shared Data Centers

Labii's shared data centers epitomize a strategic approach to data security and regulatory compliance by leveraging distinct centers across various countries and regions. With a staunch commitment to safeguarding your data and aligning with local governmental regulations, Labii employs this multifaceted infrastructure to host data securely. Presently, a roster of available shared data centers caters to diverse global requirements, ensuring tailored localization and adherence to specific regional regulations.

Dedicated Data Center

Dedicated Data Center

Labii's dedicated data center represents the pinnacle of tailored computing infrastructure. Nestled within the robust framework of AWS, this specialized hardware ecosystem comprises a spectrum of essential components. Labii's commitment to empowering your organization through this dedicated data center transcends conventional hosting, providing a fortified, agile, and meticulously designed environment tailored to meet the demands of modern scientific and laboratory workflows.

Dedicated Data Center with VPN

Labii's dedicated data center coupled with AWS Client VPN establishes an impenetrable fortress for accessing your exclusive servers and databases with utmost security and convenience. Through the managed client-based VPN service, seamless and secure access to Labii's dedicated servers becomes a reality from any corner of the globe using an OpenVPN-based VPN client. This amalgamation of robust infrastructure and VPN prowess not only ensures unfettered access but also empowers you with precise control over permissions, allowing meticulous management of access to the Labii platform.

Dedicated Data Center with VPN

Local Data Center

Local Data Center

Labii's local data center solution presents a comprehensive avenue for hosting and managing all your company-generated data directly within your organization's infrastructure. By installing a dedicated database and file server on your premises, Labii ensures a seamless and secure repository for all collected data. Every piece of information generated within your company's ecosystem will be meticulously channeled into the database, while files are seamlessly uploaded to the designated file server. With Labii's local data center solution, the reins of data governance firmly rest within your hands, ensuring privacy, security, and complete autonomy over your valuable information assets.

Access Labii Anytime, Anywhere with Our Mobile Apps

Labii's mobile apps redefine accessibility and convenience by offering a seamless gateway to Labii services directly from your smartphone or tablet. Far surpassing traditional websites and other channels, these mobile applications epitomize reliability, personalization, and unparalleled convenience. Whether through purpose-built apps or browser accessibility on your mobile device, Labii ensures a user-centric experience, enabling swift and tailored access to its suite of services. Embracing the dynamism of mobile technology, Labii's mobile apps empower users with on-the-go accessibility, ensuring a fluid, personalized, and efficient experience for leveraging Labii's comprehensive functionalities.

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Labii's Desktop Apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Labii's on-premises desktop applications represent a pinnacle of localized accessibility, installed and operated directly on users' or organizations' computers. Spanning across diverse platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, these applications offer a seamless, tailored experience for users. While the software is locally installed, leveraging the robustness of on-premises operation, access to the data center remains crucial, necessitating internet connectivity. This approach ensures a harmonious blend of localized functionality and centralized data storage, providing users with the familiarity and control of desktop applications while ensuring the integrity and accessibility of data through requisite internet access.


Labii offers a full-stack of lab digitalization services, spanning from individual data capture tools like ELN and LIMS, to process optimization, to comprehensive full lab digitization.

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