Diagnostic Testing


Diagnosis testing

Often, diagnostic tests are used to examine a specific concern in order to determine whether it is caused by disease or not. They are also often used to diagnose conditions in patients with symptoms or asymptomatic patients with a positive screening test.

Labii can be used as a LIMS for documenting qPCR Cq values and calculating test results.

Ct threshold for all pathogens

qPCR CT Ranges is the range of threshold values for RT-PCR cycles indicating whether a pathogen can be detected. A table (qPCR CT Ranges) is included with Labii to document the threshold for all pathogens requiring detection.

All your thresholds are kept in one centralized location and can be easily updated when thresholds change.

Diagnosis testing Ct ranges

Document Cq values and perform detection analysis

Diagnosis testing analysis

With Labii, a table (qPCR Cq) is included for documenting the quantification cycle (Cq). Cq values can be imported in batch for quick data documentation.

For each Cq value, Labii can calculate the pathogen loads automatically based on the high, medium, and low Ct thresholds.

Instantly generate diagnostic testing reports

You can generate a diagnostic testing report instantly for a patient or client based on the diagnostic testing results. You can customize the report as you need, and you can also save the template for use in the future.

Diagnosis testing report

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