Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)


An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) is a software tool used by scientists, engineers, and technicians to document research, experiments, and procedures performed in a laboratory. Electronic lab notebooks are intended to replace paper lab notebooks.

Labii electronic lab notebook is a digital solution for recording laboratory data with features such as rich text editing, cross-referencing, customizable permissions, file insertion, widgets, and experiment templates. It is automatically saved and compliant with FDA regulations.

Task Management

ELN varieties to meet your research needs

Labii created an ELN tailored to the needs of both R&D and production. This allows the ELN to meet the distinct requirements of each setting. In production environments, scientists must follow strict SOPs and maintain standardized experiment notes. In R&D environments, the focus is often on documenting the creative process and capturing research findings. Labii recognized the importance of being able to meet the needs of both of these environments and designed its ELN to be flexible enough to handle the requirements of both. This allows scientists in both R&D and production to efficiently document their work and maintain compliance with regulations.

Advanced permission control to prevent data leaks

Top-down permission control structure

Labii provides a top-down permission control structure that enables your organization to use a pre-defined method of organizing user access based upon a known or developed plan.

Top-down permission control structure

Furthermore, Labii provides a bottom-up permission control system that enables every user to create their own projects and share them with others.

Safe and compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 11

Labii electronic lab notebook prioritizes the safety of users' data and follows strict policies to ensure compliance with FDA regulations, specifically 21 CFR part 11. With Labii, users can trust that data generated in their research lab will be secure and meet necessary regulatory standards.

Sign and witness with your team

By signing a document in Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), you are certifying that the record you generated or witnessed is accurate to the best of your knowledge. This signature ensures that the data generated meets regulatory requirements, such as FDA 21 CFR part 11 as well as enables other scientists to replicate the results based on the signed document. With a lab notebook containing signatures, you have a legally valid and permanently written record of your lab's research that can be used in a court of law for patent investigations.

Singing and witnessing

Audit trail for reliable and comprehensive record

Audit trail

The audit trail feature in Labii ELN allows for the tracking and recording of all changes made to an experiment, including who made the changes and when. This feature provides a clear and complete history of an experiment, ensuring that all data is secure and tamper-proof, and easier to identify any potential problems or issues.

Labii is the all-in-one platform for storing and managing your data.

Labii is a next-generation research platform that allows companies to store and manage all types of data in one centralized location. It breaks down the barriers of multiple applications and is fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of each company. This means that, with Labii, companies no longer need to rely on multiple applications to store and manage different types of data, such as ELN, Inventory Management, LIMS, Project Management, and more. This can help companies improve their research efficiency, productivity, and performance.

All in one
The electronic lab notebook capabilities we described here are not a separate application, but a direct result of Labii's customization capabilities and the use of specific widgets within the platform. Labii's platform can always be modified or new applications can be created to meet your specific needs.

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