Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

The best ELN at an affordable price

An Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) is a software tool used by scientists, engineers, and technicians to document research, experiments, and procedures performed in a laboratory. Electronic lab notebooks are intended to replace paper lab notebooks.

Labii ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) is the leading product of its kind with an affordable price. Specifically:

- You can easily record daily experiments as well as standardize production records.
- Rich Text features are included in Labii digital lab notebook that you're familiar with.
- Cross-references can be done with other experiments, protocols, and inventories.
- Permissions can be controlled, and the Electronic Notebook supports collaboration within the team.
- Files of any type can be inserted into notes.
- Utilize Labii widgets to extend your ELN's functionality for multiple disciplines.
- Increase document efficiency by using experiment templates or inserted text from a section or file.
- Auto-saving to ensure data is never lost.
- Safe and compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 11.

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Taking notes in minutes for one day's experimentation

Documenting one day's experiment should not be a tedious task. Notes in Labii ELN allow you to document one's work in minutes with templates, insertion of files or sections.

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Rich text features you know and love

Labii ELN supports all the rich-text formatting you need to document your experiments. In addition, Google Docs and Microsoft Word are fully supported.

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Rich text

Easily mention colleagues with @

Mention user

Labii ELN makes collaboration with your colleagues easy, as you can mention a user by typing @. After typing @, the search will be triggered for users with the provided term.

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Links to other experiments and protocols with #

Cross references can also be performed with other records in Labii ELN. Use # to select or search existing records, such as experiments, protocols, and files. Linked items can be clicked and opened in a new tab.

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Mention record

Files of any type can be inserted into notes

Insert file

Notes editor and files are incompatible. Labii enables any type of file to be inserted and previewed right inside your ELN. Additionally, you can hide the preview, open the file to make changes, and download the file.

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Enhance your ELN with Labii widgets

Labii has developed hundreds of widgets to aid in your scientific research. You can perform molecular biology, ELISA data analysis, chemical structure drawing, workflow management, etc. The Labii ELN now provides native support for all of these widgets. It allows you to document your scientific research in an unlimited number of ways.

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Insert section

Increase document efficiency by inserting text from a section or file

There is no reason to retype when the text data is already somewhere else. With the insert text function, you can insert data from a section or external file document in seconds.

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Insert section

Auto-saving to ensure data is never lost

Auto saving

Frustration no longer! With Labii ELN your data is protected and it is automatically saved every 5 seconds.

Reducing repetitive work with templates

DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) is our work principle, and we have brought it into Labii ELN. You can create experiment templates to help shape all new experiments. Alternatively, you can create different sections (or text segments) to be used in different notes.

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Advanced permission control to prevent data leaks

Top-down permission control structure

Labii provides a top-down permission control structure that enables your organization to use a pre-defined method of organizing user access based upon a known or developed plan.

Top-down permission control structure

Furthermore, Labii provides a bottom-up permission control system that enables every user to create their own projects and share them with others.

Safe and compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 11

Labii maintains strict policies to guarantee the safety of your data. Data generated in your research lab with Labii ELN will be compliant with FDA regulations, especially 21 CFR part 11.

ELN varieties to meet your research needs


The ELN requirement is different in production, where scientists must follow SOP, and all experiment notes must be standard. In Labii, you can break down the experiment into sections to create an Electronic Laboratory Notebook that meets the requirements of your production. Additionally, other Electronic Lab Notebook can be customized to handle daily research, such as ELISA analysis.