Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for Production


An experiment is carefully divided into many sections in Labii Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) to better control the workflow.

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Designed for Contract Research Organization

A contract research organization (CRO) is a company that provides contract research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. The CRO usually follows strict procedures when conducting research. Every experiment for one particular service looks the same, and certain data needs to be captured specifically for a particular step.

In Labii, you can break down the experiment into sections to create an Electronic Lab Notebook that meets the requirements of your production.

Designed for established procedures

There are some procedures that are well established in most research labs. In some research labs, for example, genotyping of a particular plant must be performed regularly, while in other labs, the effectiveness of a molecular target must be checked regularly. The experiments for these established procedures can also make use of Labii's Sections for capturing specific results as required.

Organize an experiment into sections

For experiments related to production, it is beneficial to divide an experiment into sections. In general, an experiment can be broken down into Overview, Materials, Procedures, Results, and Discussion. Researchers can fill out the data as needed in each section. With experiment sections, you can organize your experiment and be able to gather all the data as required.


Creating sections and populating data automatically

The majority of experiments for production follow the same process. Labii's ELN designed for production enables you to configure default sections and have them added automatically whenever a new experiment is created. The default data can also be saved on a person, project, or organization level, so that the saved data is populated for you without having to do any repetitive work.

Research widgets for all types of research


Labii ELN & LIMS is built for a variety of disciplines, offering the toolset needed by biologists, chemists, and many other professionals. A widget is a small function Labii developed that works with columns and sections to display and collect data. For each section, you can choose a widget that will satisfy the spectra of the experiments

Sign and witness with your team

By signing a document in Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), you certify that the record you generated or witnessed is accurate to the best of your knowledge. A signed document ensures that the data generated meets regulatory requirements, such as FDA 21 CFR part 11 and others can repeat the results based on the signed document. A lab notebook with signatures represents a legally valid, permanently written record of a lab’s research, which can be used in a court of law in patent investigations.

Singing and witnessing