Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for Production


Labii offers a solution to the unique requirements of scientists working in production environments, where strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOP) and standardized experiment notes is necessary. By providing the ability to structure experiments into sections, Labii allows users to create an Electronic Laboratory Notebook that is tailored to meet the specific demands of production work. This customization allows scientists to effectively document their work while maintaining compliance with industry standards.


Labii's Electronic Lab Notebook allows for the creation of organized and efficient experiment documentation in production environments. By breaking down experiments into Sections, you can capture all necessary details with minimal time spent on note-taking. This allows you to meet production requirements while maximizing your time and effort.

Break down an experiment into sections

Production experiments require thorough documentation, including details on the overview, procedure, reagents, results, and discussion. Labii ELN for production allows experiments to be organized into multiple sections, making it easier for researchers or reviewers to quickly access specific information without having to scan the entire document.


Sections and data are automatically loaded


Labii enables customers to set up a list of default sections for automatic loading when creating a new experiment, increasing documentation efficiency. The default data for sections such as Procedures, which are identical across experiments, can be pre-filled, streamlining the process and reducing the incidence of human error.

Various widgets for all types of research

Labii ELN & LIMS is built for a variety of disciplines, offering the toolset needed by biologists, chemists, and many other professionals. A widget is a small function Labii developed that works with columns and sections to display and collect data. For each section, you can choose a widget that will satisfy the spectra of the experiments.


Easily customize reports with necessary sections


In a production environment, it is often necessary to generate reports or share experiment notes with customers or outside parties. Labii makes it easy to customize the report to include the required sections. This enables data privacy and security as unnecessary information is not shared.

Who should take advantage of Labii ELN in production

Contract Research Organization (CRO)

A contract research organization (CRO) is a company that provides contract research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. The CRO usually follows strict procedures when conducting research. Every experiment for one particular service looks the same, and certain data needs to be captured specifically for a particular step.

Designed for established procedures

There are some procedures that are well established in most research labs. In some research labs, for example, genotyping of a particular plant must be performed regularly, while in other labs, the effectiveness of a molecular target must be checked regularly. The experiments for these established procedures can also make use of Labii's Sections for capturing specific results as required.

Labii is the all-in-one platform for storing and managing your data.

Labii is a next-generation research platform that allows companies to store and manage all types of data in one centralized location. It breaks down the barriers of multiple applications and is fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of each company. This means that, with Labii, companies no longer need to rely on multiple applications to store and manage different types of data, such as ELN, Inventory Management, LIMS, Project Management, and more. This can help companies improve their research efficiency, productivity, and performance.

All in one
The electronic lab notebook capabilities we described here are not a separate application, but a direct result of Labii's customization capabilities and the use of specific widgets within the platform. Labii's platform can always be modified or new applications can be created to meet your specific needs.

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