Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Labii LIMS

Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) are software-based solutions that automate workflows, integrate instruments, standardize tests and procedures, and provide accurate controls on each step. The system can be used to efficiently manage the flow of samples and the associated data. Researchers will be able to produce more reliable results more quickly, as well as track data from sequencing runs over time and across experiments to improve efficiency.

Labii LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) provides many workflows that enable you to:

- Sample testing. Labii can manage the workflow associated with sample testing. It enables you to collect samples, perform sample testing, document the results, conduct quality control, and generate reports.
- Molecular Cloning. Labii can be used as a LIMS to manage the molecular cloning workflow. This application allows the preparation of the vector, insertion, ligation, transformation, and screening of the colony.
- DNA Sequencing. In the sequencing process, Labii LIMS can be used to perform the following activities: 1) extracting DNA/RNA from biospecimens, 2) preparing libraries from the extracts, and 3) sequencing and generating Fastq files.
- CRISPR Gene Editing. Labii can be used as a LIMS for managing gene editing workflows.

Boost Efficiency and Accuracy with Barcode System

A barcode system consists of mobile computers, printers, handheld scanners, and supporting software to automate data collection when hand recording is not feasible or timely. Labii's barcode system enhances inventory management by enabling quick and reliable data capture, improving traceability, and optimizing workflows.

Sample Storage Management

Storage management

Sample storage management systems are small versions of warehouse management systems, which manage all samples within a laboratory. Labii integrates storage management to help researchers keep track of lab supplies.

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Aliquots Management

A aliquot is a small portion of a larger whole, especially a sample taken for chemical analysis or other treatment. We have developed a set of functions that will enable you to generate, manage, and analyze aliquots with Labii.

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Aliquots management

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnosis testing

Often, diagnostic tests are used to examine a specific concern in order to determine whether it is caused by disease or not. They are also often used to diagnose conditions in patients with symptoms or asymptomatic patients with a positive screening test.

Labii can be used as a LIMS for documenting qPCR Cq values and calculating test results.

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