Sample Storage Management


Inventory management systems (IMS) track all the stock in warehouses and document where it's stored. A warehouse management system (WMS) keeps track of where each type of stock is located in a warehouse. Both solutions often work together. Keep track of all inventory across all locations. Sample storage management systems are small versions of warehouse management systems, which manage all samples within a laboratory.

Storage map

Labii integrates storage management to help researchers keep track of lab supplies. It integrates seamlessly with all existing Labii systems and can be linked to samples, equipment, and more.

Robust and customizable

Labii's storage management system is robust and allows you to track storage types and sizes, manage parent-child relationships, and monitor storage usage. You can also customize it to track other fields you are interested in.

Storage columns

An all-in-one storage management system

Sample diversity

The Labii sample storage management system allows you to manage all of your lab's samples and biospecimens. Among these are blood samples, cell lines, antibodies, plasmids, soil, etc. It is one system for all types of data and there is no need to look for a different system for each type.

A variety of methods for creating storages

Labii includes multiple methods for creating new records, and all of these methods can also be used for creating new storage.

1. A built-in form makes it easy to create one storage record.
2. Using a bulk form, you can create multiple storage records at once.
3. Labii's import function can be used to migrate existing systems and create tens or hundreds of storage units at once.

Create storage

Easily identify storage with a barcode

Storage barcode

Labii'sbarcode systemallows you to create barcode labels for each storage unit. Also, the storage unit can be easily identified, assigned to other samples or aliquots with the built-in scanning function.

View storage layout on a map

Labii provides digital storage map for managing location information as well as a solution for planning, optimizing, and navigating complex layouts. Users can access inventory, assets, and more real-time data with positioning solutions.

Storage map

Flowchart for finding storage locations

The Labii system generates a flowchart showing the relationship between parent and child storage so you can find it at a glance. Each box can also be clicked to navigate between different levels of storage.

Storage flowchart

Analyze the utilization and availability of your storage

Storage status

Labii provides real-time space usage information on the amount of used and available space for each storage. These values can be used to generate insights using filters and charts.

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