Task Management


Task management is the process of monitoring your project's tasks through their various stages from start to finish.

Labii's task management is designed to increase work efficiency by providing a centralized platform for organizing and tracking tasks. This allows team members to easily see what needs to be done, who is responsible for it, and the status of the task. Furthermore, Labii's task management allows users to keep track of their schedules, and also promotes collaboration among team members to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Task Management

Easily create tasks with Form

Labii allows users to add tasks through a simple and intuitive form. The form includes fields for entering task details such as task name, description, deadline, and assignee. The form also allows users to add parents, hours, and frequency to tasks, which can help to provide additional context and information about the task.

Furthermore, Labii's full customization capabilities allow you to add additional fields based on your needs, such as priorities, comments, and attachments.

Task Management Form

Simple and efficient to manage tasks with dashboard

Task Management Dashboard

Labii's task management feature includes a list view that allows users to easily manage their tasks. To provide a familiar experience to other vendors in the market, Labii also includes a tasks widget in the dashboard, which allows users to quickly complete tasks with a simple click and view subtasks indented under the parent task. The task dashboard is designed to make task management simple and efficient for users.

Calendar to have a clear overview of tasks

Labii's calendar view is designed to help users manage their schedule and meet deadlines by displaying all their tasks on a calendar. This allows users to easily view their tasks by date and prioritize their workload effectively. The calendar view is a useful tool for users to have a clear overview of their tasks and deadlines, ensuring they are meeting them on time.

Task Management Calendar

Stay organized by filtering and receiving notifications

Task Management Notification

Users can use filters in Labii to easily view a specific subset of tasks, this will help them to focus on the most important tasks and prioritize their workload effectively. Furthermore, the platform can send out notifications to remind users of tasks they need to complete, which will help them stay organized and on top of their tasks.

Automate routine tasks with workflows

Labii allows users to create workflows to automate and manage routine tasks. The platform can automatically reset the workflow to the next schedule time (daily, weekly, monthly or annually) whenever a routine task is completed. This helps to streamline and optimize the process of managing routine tasks, making it more efficient and less time-consuming for users.

Task Management Notification

Labii is the all-in-one platform for storing and managing your data.

Labii is a next-generation research platform that allows companies to store and manage all types of data in one centralized location. It breaks down the barriers of multiple applications and is fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of each company. This means that, with Labii, companies no longer need to rely on multiple applications to store and manage different types of data, such as ELN, Inventory Management, LIMS, Project Management, and more. This can help companies improve their research efficiency, productivity, and performance.

All in one
The task management capabilities we described here are not a separate application, but a direct result of Labii's customization capabilities and the use of specific widgets within the platform. Labii's platform can always be modified or new applications can be created to meet your specific needs.

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