Enhance ELN and LIMS functionality with widgets

Labii ELN & LIMS is built for a variety of disciplines, offering the toolset needed by biologists, chemists, and many other professionals. A widget is a small function Labii developed that works with columns and sections to display and collect data. By using different widgets, we can satisfy the spectra of every experiment. We have developed hundreds of widgets to facilitate scientific research, and more are on the way.


Column widgets for all types of structured data

Column widgets

Column widgets are used to define and customize structured data columns. They are similar to the data types in MySQL, but are more powerful in that functions can be attached. It covers the categories of form, file, calculation, chemistry, and reference manager, allowing you to accurately record the results of your scientific research.

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Section widgets to fulfill your research needs

Labii records can be divided into sections, and each section is powered by a section widget. A section widget lets you view and edit a particular file type. There's a widget to suit every need, whether it's molecular biology, or chemical structure drawing.

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Section widgets

Customized widgets to speed up research

In the case of repetitive research work and the need to collect data from a lab machine, visualize the data with excel or R, and upload to the ELN. Labii can make a widget capable of performing all of these tedious tasks in a single click.

In collaboration with your team, Labii can develop widgets that are specific to your organization and can only be used by your organization.

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