Aliquots Management


A aliquot is a small portion of a larger whole, especially a sample taken for chemical analysis or other treatment. We have developed a set of functions that will enable you to generate, manage, and analyze aliquots with Labii.


Works with any type of sample

Labii can create aliquots for all types of samples. Whether it's reagents, biospecimens, cell lines, or blood samples, aliquots can be created and stored in small vials.

Aliquots for samples

A variety of methods for creating aliquots

Barcode system

Whether you need to create a few aliquots for one sample, or hundreds of aliquots for multiple samples, Labii has a method for you.

1. You can easily create one aliquot using a built-in form.
2. Bulk form allows you to create multiple aliquots at once.
3. If you need to create tens or hundreds of aliquots for each sample, Labii comes with an import function that enables you to create and update hundreds at once.
4. Automate aliquots with workflows. Workflows can automatically create aliquots whenever samples are created. This is particularly useful for projects that require a fixed number of aliquots.

Manage aliquots easily within a sample record

Manage aliquots

You can view a list of aliquots under a sample record and update critical information about the aliquots, such as volume, storage location, and checkout information.

Label and track aliquots with barcodes

With the Labii barcode system, you can improve the efficiency of printing labels. You can also track each aliquot by scanning the barcode.

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Aliquot barcodes

Storeage locations of aliquots are easy to manage and find

Aliquot storage

Labii provides storage management to handle a large number of aliquots. You can easily assign and update storage locations, view storage layout, and find aliquots when needed with Labii's storage management system.

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Aliquots can be checked out in one click

By clicking a button, you are able to check out aliquots from the system, and Labii will document the timestamp and user that checked it out. The aliquot can also be archived based on the configuration for the checkout.

Aliquots checkoutAliquots checkout done

Get an insight into aliquot usage and availability

Aliquots insights

For each sample, Labii provides real-time vial information on the total number of vials created, the number of vials consumed, and the number of vials available. Filters and charts can be used to generate insights based on these values.

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