Chemical Registration


Chemical registration refers to the process of recording and documenting information about chemical substances, including their composition, properties, hazards, and uses. This process is important for various purposes, including regulatory compliance, safety, research, and product development.

Chemical registration

Labii offers a ready-made chemical registration solution, allowing you to gather comprehensive data concerning a chemical's physical and chemical characteristics, toxicity, health risks, environmental impacts, safe handling protocols, and additional information. Moreover, you have the flexibility to tailor it to align with the unique requirements of various countries and regions.

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Effortless Chemical Information Retrieval

Labii's robust features are designed to effortlessly retrieve essential chemical information, streamlining laboratory workflows. With its advanced configuration, Labii automates the retrieval of critical data such as synonyms, CAS numbers, molecular formulas, molecular weights, and chemical structures. This powerful capability not only accelerates research and experimentation but also ensures accuracy and consistency in managing chemical data, making Labii an indispensable tool for researchers and scientists in various fields.

Chemical registration API

Diverse Array of Widgets for Sketching Chemical Structures

Chemical structure widgets

Labii takes chemical structure drawing to a new level with its versatile range of widgets designed to empower your research. These widgets are not only compatible with all major chemical structure formats but are also enriched with artificial intelligence capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly create and modify chemical structures directly from chemical names or CAS numbers. Whether you're sketching intricate molecular diagrams or swiftly generating structures from textual inputs, Labii's chemical structure drawing widgets offer an intuitive and efficient solution, revolutionizing the way you work with chemical data.

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Stay Compliant and Safe with Labii's Comprehensive Chemical Safety Records

Labii introduces a powerful Chemical Safety Information feature, simplifying the management of safety data by effortlessly documenting hazard statements, precautions, hazard categories, and GHS labels. With Labii, you can maintain comprehensive records of chemical safety information, ensuring a safer and more compliant laboratory environment.

Safety information

Elevate Chemical Safety in Your Lab

Labii offers a feature-rich solution for storing and accessing Chemical Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Within Labii, users can effortlessly manage and organize SDS for the chemicals used in their research or industrial processes. This feature allows for easy uploading, indexing, and retrieval of crucial safety information, ensuring that laboratory personnel have quick and secure access to vital data on chemical hazards, handling instructions, emergency procedures, and compliance information.

Safety data sheet

Efficient Molecular Data Exploration with Labii's Chemical Structure Functions

Labii's chemical structure functions enable users to efficiently explore molecular data. With substructure search, it identifies specific chemical motifs in complex molecules, aiding compound identification. In similarity search, advanced algorithms compare structural features, helping scientists find similar compounds. These functions empower researchers in drug discovery, material science, and chemical research by streamlining molecular exploration and knowledge retrieval.

Simplify Chemical Stock Management with Labii's Inventory Tracking

Labii's chemical storage feature revolutionizes lab inventory management by tracking, organizing, and safeguarding your chemicals. It simplifies cataloging, monitoring quantities, and enhances safety and compliance, ensuring efficient and secure lab operations.

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Storage management

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