Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) for Research and Development


Research and development typically focuses on innovations and proof of concepts, often using a small set of samples. As long as the data generated by researchers can be replicated by other scientists and meets all regulatory requirements, there is no need to document every detail. Scientists prefer to capture results quickly and with minimal effort, which is why they tend to document their data in one segment each day—simply noting what they worked on that day. A rich text editor with support for different file types may be best suited for this purpose.


At Labii, we developed the Notes function to make it easy for researchers and developers to quickly document what they worked on each day, as well as meet the requirements of an electronic lab notebook. With this feature, you can easily create quick notes and fulfill all of your research and development needs.

Taking notes in minutes for one day's experimentation

Labii electronic lab notebook makes documenting experiments efficient by offering templates, file insertion, and the ability to insert sections of text. This allows for quick documentation of a day's work in just minutes, making the process less tedious.

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Rich text features you know and love

Rich text

Labii electronic lab notebook offers comprehensive rich-text formatting options for documenting experiments, and it also fully supports Google Docs and Microsoft Word. This ensures that users have the necessary tools for effective and professional documentation.

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Easily mention colleagues with @

Labii electronic lab notebook facilitates collaboration by allowing users to mention a colleague by typing @ and triggering a search for the desired user. This makes it simple to communicate and work together on experiments within the platform.

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Mention user

Links to other experiments and protocols with #

Labii electronic lab notebook enables cross-referencing with other records in the platform, such as experiments, protocols, and files. Users can perform this by using the # symbol to search for and select existing records, which can then be linked and opened in a new tab for easy access.

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Mention record

Insert text from templates to increase document efficiency

Labii electronic lab notebook offers the ability to insert text from a section or external file document, saving time and effort by eliminating the need to retype. With this feature, data can be quickly inserted into the platform in seconds, making the documentation process more efficient.

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Insert section

Files of any type can be inserted into notes

Insert file

Labii electronic lab notebook allows for the insertion and preview of any type of file directly within the platform, eliminating compatibility issues between notes and files. Users can hide the preview, open the file to make changes, and download the file for added convenience and flexibility.

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Versatile research documentation with Labii widgets

Labii electronic lab notebook offers extensive support for hundreds of widgets developed by the platform, allowing for versatile scientific research documentation. These widgets cover a range of functions including molecular biology, ELISA data analysis, chemical structure drawing, workflow management, and more. With native support for these widgets, users have the ability to document their research in an unlimited number of ways.

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Insert section

Guaranteed data preservation with auto-save

Auto saving

Labii electronic lab notebook offers peace of mind by automatically saving data every 5 seconds, eliminating the frustration of losing work due to system failures or other unexpected issues. This feature ensures that all data is protected and readily available.

Reducing repetitive work with templates

Labii electronic lab notebook incorporates the DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle, allowing users to create experiment templates or different sections (text segments) that can be reused in various notes. This helps to streamline the documentation process and avoid repetitive work.

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Labii is the all-in-one platform for storing and managing your data.

Labii is a next-generation research platform that allows companies to store and manage all types of data in one centralized location. It breaks down the barriers of multiple applications and is fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of each company. This means that, with Labii, companies no longer need to rely on multiple applications to store and manage different types of data, such as ELN, Inventory Management, LIMS, Project Management, and more. This can help companies improve their research efficiency, productivity, and performance.

All in one
The electronic lab notebook capabilities we described here are not a separate application, but a direct result of Labii's customization capabilities and the use of specific widgets within the platform. Labii's platform can always be modified or new applications can be created to meet your specific needs.