Interface Design

Simple and intuitive interface design

An intuitive design is characterized by creating a product that people can quickly understand and use with minimal instruction. Labii is aiming to redefine scientific user experience with its simple, modern interface and we take pride in our product's short learning curve. We use Material Design to create a unified experience across platforms and device sizes.

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Side menu for quick access

Side menu for quick access

Labii as an ELN and LIMS built to handle all types of data, such as projects, experiment notes, inventory, storage, workflows, etc. With the side menu, you can create, search, and access all types of data with a single click, without leaving your current working interface.

Powerful Form view for creating a record

A form view is used to collect the information needed to create a record with build-in instructions. Data entry is made easier and more accurate with Labii Form View.
- For each table, the fields can be easily customized.
- Help text can provide detailed instructions on how to fill out each field.
- It can be configured to collect all required information with the is_required mark.
- Data can be loaded from templates while still being customizable.
- Various widgets to choose from to control the vocabulary and data format.

Form view

List view for managing records

With Labii's List view, you can manage a list of records you've created. The list view allows you to create records by dragging and dropping, navigate with pagination, apply filters to limit results, etc.

With the Labii table list view, you can access and manage a list of records for a particular table. A list of notes for all experiments can be found by clicking the experiment table in the side menu.

Table list view

Labii's folder list view allows you to manage a list of records for a particular project. You can view subfolders and records under each project by clicking its name on the side menu.

Folder list view

Detail view to edit the detail of record

Section detail view

Using the section detail view, you can manage the unstructured data for a record. With Differnet widgets, you can view and edit different file types and create unlimited sections. Section detail views can be used to display the contents of experiment notes.

Column detail view

The column detail view shows the structured data of a record in the columns of labels and values. In the inventory manager, the view can be used to display the details of samples.

Your research data is at your fingertips

The Labii mobile support lets you access data anywhere, any time, without being tied to a computer.

List view
Column view
Side menu