Reference Management


A reference management is a tool used by researchers to organize and manage their references for research papers, theses, and other scholarly works. It enables users to import references from different sources such as databases, libraries, and search engines, and create bibliographies in various citation styles.

Reference Management

Labii provides a preconfigured powerful reference management. By using many widgets like API and PubMed, you can easily configure Labii as a reference management. It automatically extracts relevant information from articles and populates fields such as author names, publication dates, and journal titles. Labii reference management saves researchers time and ensures that references are entered accurately.

Flexible columns for storing all article fields


Labii's reference management feature includes flexible columns for storing all article fields, providing a customizable and comprehensive way to organize references. The flexible columns feature allows researchers to store all article fields, including author names, publication dates, journal titles, abstracts, and keywords. Users can add, remove, and rearrange columns based on their specific research needs. This allows for greater flexibility and specificity in organizing and managing references, which is especially useful for interdisciplinary research.

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API widget to pull data from PubMed

Labii's API widget is a powerful feature that enables users to automatically pull data from PubMed and other databases, streamlining the process of creating references. This tool allows users to select which fields they want to populate, and the widget will automatically fill in the corresponding data. The API widget saves researchers time and ensures the accuracy of the information entered.

Automatically query article abstracts


Labii's PubMed abstract widget is a useful feature that allows researchers to quickly import article abstracts into their reference manager. This feature works by connecting to the PubMed database and retrieving the abstract based on the PMID, and saves researchers time and ensures that the abstracts entered are accurate.

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Files widget to display full text

Labii's Files widget is a useful feature that allows researchers to attach full text documents to their articles. This feature makes it easy to access and organize research articles directly in Labii. Users can upload a variety of file types, including full text in PDFs, attached documents in images and Excel format.

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Full text

Taking notes easily


Labii's reference management feature includes a notes function that allows users to take notes directly within their references. This feature is particularly useful for researchers who need to keep track of their thoughts and ideas as they read through articles. With Labii's notes function, users can easily jot down important points, questions, or reminders, and store them alongside their references for easy access.

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Labii is the all-in-one platform for storing and managing your data.

Labii is a next-generation research platform that allows companies to store and manage all types of data in one centralized location. It breaks down the barriers of multiple applications and is fully customizable to meet the specific requirements of each company. This means that, with Labii, companies no longer need to rely on multiple applications to store and manage different types of data, such as ELN, Inventory Management, LIMS, Project Management, and more. This can help companies improve their research efficiency, productivity, and performance.

All in one
The reference management capabilities we described here are not a separate application, but a direct result of Labii's customization capabilities and the use of specific widgets within the platform. Labii's platform can always be modified or new applications can be created to meet your specific needs.

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