Top Tier Security

Data security is our top priority

The goal of data security is to protect digital data, such as those in a database, from destructive forces and from the actions of unauthorized users, such as a cyberattack or a data breach.

We place a high priority on data security. Labii follows strict policies to ensure the security and safety of your data. We comply with ISO27000 to ensure the security and integrity of our database and the accessibility of our website.

Website Security

warningAccount Lockout Policy

errorFailed Login Report

httpsEncrypted Traffic with HTTPS

blockProtection From Clickjacking

timelapseExcessive Session Timeout

screen_lock_portraitMulti-Factor Authentication

vpn_keySingle Sign On

leak_removeInvalidated Session After Logout

blockHighly Restricted Access to Labii Backend

bug_reportContent Security Policy (CSP)

remove_circle_outlineX-XSS-Protection Header

assignment_turned_inPeriodic Vulnerability Testing

Data Security

historyAudit Trail



gestureElectronic Signatures

verified_userData Encryption

vpn_keyPermission Controls

assignmentSystem Logfiles

cloudReal-time Backup

cloudDaily Backup

bug_reportBlock Search Engine Crawling

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Detect threatening viruses and programs with antivirus scanning

An anti-virus scan is a process of scanning and identifying viruses on a computer using software. Labii can perform a real-time antivirus scanning for all the files uploaded.

Antivirus scan

Data centers

A data center stores and shares applications and data. Depending on your security needs, you can choose a data center type that suits you best. With labii, you can choose from 3 types of data centers based on your research needs: Shared data center, Dedicated data center, Local data center.

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Data centers

Source code escrow to guarantee service availability

Source code escrow is the deposit of the source code of software with a third-party escrow agent. Source code escrow is a way for Labii to reduce customer risk. Source code licensing does not eliminate all risks, but it can dilute those risks and help facilitate a speedy recovery when the worst happens.

Think of it as home insurance. You don't want your house to burn down, but if it happens, you will have the resources necessary to survive. You can be assured that even if Labii were to go down, you would still have access to the resources you need to keep your mission-critical ELN and LIMS running.

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Installation Qualification / Operation Qualification

Labii installation qualification (IQ) ensures that the right version of Labii has been installed according to Labii specifications. To evaluate the quality of the Labii server, Labii team runs IQ during an install, or at any point after an install. Validation of the installation package, configuration of Labii API server are part of the IQ process.

Labii is a sophisticated system with numerous interconnected components and lots of configuration options. In Order to test every single functionality with different scenarios, Labii conducts Operational Qualification (OQ). Labii is tested from its most basic functions to its deepest and most layered capabilities.

Health check

Labii applies health checks to ensure that the services are not disrupted. As there are many things that can go wrong on a server, Labii wrote a script to test the basic connectivity to a service and the presence of a server process. The developer will be notified once the check fails.

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Refer friends and Labii will reward you with a 5% cash commission or your company a 10% credit commission when they sign a Labii contract. *