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Quick response times, Fast resolutions

Labii ELN & LIMS is a sophisticated and comprehensive system for professionals. We have developed a set of toolsets to streamline the process of getting assistance. We will be happy to assist whenever you need and provide you a high level of customer support services: quick response times, fast resolutions, and friendly customer service.

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Any complications whether a glitch in the system or a user misunderstanding, I've had a great level of responsiveness and professionalism to my concerns from the Labii team.

Nyelia Williams

Nyelia Williams

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Tickets for logging your support needs

Create a support ticket at Support -> Tickets, and we will respond within 24 hours. A rich text editor is supported for ticket content, and images can be inserted to better illustrate issues. Every ticket can be tracked with four different statuses:

- Open: A ticket has just been created and Labii Support will handle it
- Pending Labii Action: We reviewed the ticket, and the Labii team is in the process of fixing it. You will be notified once it is resolved.
- Pending Customer Action: You have been notified that the issue has been resolved and we are waiting for your confirmation. Alternatively, the ticket may require you to provide additional information.
- Closed: The issue has been resolved.

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Get instant help with an online chat


We have built an online chat function into Labii's platform. Simply click the chat icon to receive help immediately. You will receive a transcript of the chat from Labii after the help, and you can also rate the help you received.

Schedule a meeting online to receive assistance in person

In case your problem is difficult to duplicate, or if you need assistance with the solutions, you're welcome to schedule a meeting with us at Support -> Schedule a meeting.


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Detailed instructions for using the platform


A user manual is provided by Labii for users to help them utilize the platform. The documentation will ensure you learn how to make the most of the Labii platform and help you to be more successful in your research.

Labii documentation

Easy-to-understand animated videos

For each function and widget, Labii creates videos to demonstrate the features in a visual way. Instead of spending hours reading through long documentation, you can learn how to use a function in a few minutes.

Labii youtube channel

Enhance productivity with professional training


Labii provides training programs for both administrators and end-users on how to use Labii's ELN & LIMS. By increasing productivity through training, organizations generate more value. It also gives end-users a clear understanding of their responsibilities and the knowledge and skills needed to conduct scientific research. Labii training videos are available at Support -> Training.

I am so grateful for the Labii support team for all their help with this LIMS system. The Labii team is knowledgeable, courteous and always ready to lend a helping hand. The Labii team has made my experience with this software very personable. Thank you!

Josh Copeland