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Diabetes tracker meter

The diabetes tracker is the application that helps individuals with diabetes, track their blood sugar levels. It includes the meal and glucose level logging, trend analysis, and alerts for high or low blood sugar levels.

Labii can be used as diabetes tracker to improve glucose management and make better treatment decisions.

For healthcare providers:
More efficient and streamlined healthcare management

It allows for better coordination of care, improved communication among healthcare providers, and can help to prevent medical errors.

  • A patient's data may be accessed by more than one healthcare provider at the same time.
  • Healthcare providers can access data on multiple patients at the same time.

It also facilitates more efficient and effective treatment of patients by allowing doctors to quickly access a patient's complete medical history, including previous diagnoses, lab results, and medications.

  • Real-time notifications of abnormal glucose levels.

It can help to reduce administrative costs, as it eliminates the need for healthcare providers to gather and maintain multiple copies of patient records.

For patients:
Easily document and monitor glucose levels over time

Easily monitor glucose levels over time, which can aid in the management of diabetes and other related conditions.

Improved health outcomes and a reduction in the risk of complications

Reduce the workload of documentation and improve the accuracy and completeness of glucose records

Effertless to create daily glucose records

Diabetes tracker form

Using a Labii form, you can create an easy glucose record with food, activity, and stress information.

Labii creates glucose records automatically for fasting, breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day according to an automatic workflow. Labii helps to streamline the process of recording and analyzing glucose levels, which can save time for both patients and healthcare providers.

Monitor your glucose levels and receive alerts

Labii helps patients to better manage their glucose levels and avoid complications such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Labii also provides peace of mind for the person and their loved ones by allowing them to closely track and respond to any changes in glucose levels. Additionally, Labii helps healthcare providers to adjust treatment and make more informed decisions about care.

Diabetes tracker monitor


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